About Us

Farm-fresh dining, reimagined

Our Story

Our two locations represent more than another place to eat; they’re a place for family and friends to gather and create memories. The Farmhouse Kitchen is a lifestyle.

Our menus are designed around clean eating. The ingredients are locally sourced with each season, so you can feel great about eating something that’s healthy for your body, the economy, and the environment.

Seafood Meal

Our Specialty

Thoughtfully-developed menus that encapsulate a passion for clean and responsible eating

Meet The Team

Gary Rack

Gary Rack

Founder & Owner

Gary Rack is a self-made entrepreneur who appreciates the value of time well spent with friends and family. He designed the Farmhouse Kitchen around the belief that a farm-fresh approach to great food and wine in an amazing environment is a recipe for life-long memories.

Gary’s mission extends beyond the food. The staff at Farmhouse Kitchen is a part of his family. He says, “There is no greater reward than to watch your employees succeed to the point where you’ve bettered their lives, their financial ability, and their quality of living. We believe in coaching and training employees to understand that hard work, dedication, integrity, and honesty will lead them down the road of financial success, freedom, and stability within our company.”

Demetrio Zavala

Demetrio Zavala

Director of Culinary

Demetrio Zavala joined the Gary Rack Restaurant Management Group after an already successful career. He started his career in Washington, D.C., and worked under several famous chefs in New York, becoming more and more interested in farm-to-table cooking. His pride in seasonal menus extends beyond the kitchen: he often grows his own vegetables. 

Demetrio’s father was in the military, so he was born at Fort Carson army base in Colorado but grew up in Delray Beach, Florida. He now has kids and grandchildren, and he’s proud to have a son that plays football and a daughter in the military.