About Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen

Welcome to Gary Rack’s FARMHOUSE Kitchen – Honoring the environment and Supporting local purveyors, the FARMHOUSE Kitchen will serve ‘just-good-food’. The FARMHOUSE kitchen was cultivated to represent a powerful mission, to not only serve as a place to dine, but offer as an irresistible farm-fresh lifestyle we all crave.

THE FOOD REVOLUTION is here, and the FARMHOUSE Kitchen has constructed a menu designed for clean eating. Empowering our taste buds while fueling our bodies is the back-to-basics mentality Culinary Director Matthew Danaher cooks by. The thoughtfully developed menu encapsulates passion for redefining fresh-focused foods that produces simply ‘just good food’s’. Seasonal, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients form crave-worthy dishes that exude ingenuity to create the FARMHOUSE Kitchen tradition.

THE FARMHOUSE KITCHEN model was cultivated by a series of healthy life stages of Gary Rack himself; “It’s been a dream of mine to open a restaurant with a menu that captivates the better-for-you foods, that leave you happily satisfied while not guilty. Beyond serving good food, we have a mission to provide a lifestyle”, Rack states. Like minded individuals that share a passion for ‘just good food’, crisp and innovative design will feel right at home. Offering an inviting, uplifting homespun ambiance, the FARMHOUSE will hone into the hearts of guests to provide an irresistible timeless experience. A blend of proud history, reclaimed tradition with an emphasis on style and comfort; the FARMHOUSE Kitchen will suit anyone with an appetite for culture.

Refurbished booths are easy on the eyes with pattered-stylish fabrics. You’ll find brand nuances from the light fixtures resembling honeycombs, to the wall of canned mason jars, to the custom-designed flooring. The colors of the FARMHOUSE Kitchen will showcase a sense of style, keen on imagination that will bring a smile to your face. While the aromas of fresh cooking brings a growl to your stomach.

This highly anticipated restaurant model will not stop at the dining scene; they will be involved with local/national charities, building awareness of sustainability and respecting where we live. Well equipped with attention to detail, Gary Rack carefully constructed a brand champion that will evoke a new standard the FARMHOUSE Kitchen is committed to.